At each event we love to celebrate the local food culture. Our goal is to translate that aesthetic to the attendees of your event. BBC has relationships with the very best local vendors, food trucks and restaurants for your event so that every local area is represented. And, if we don’t already have a relationship, BBC will actively recruit the newest and hottest vendors to represent the freshest food trends. Our top priority is to work with our clients to create a new and unique food experience at your festival. 

In addition to local contacts, BBC has stellar relationships with the highest grossing and most in-demand traveling vendors.  Booking these vendors for your event insures shorter lines at crunch times, and higher food per caps.  So, you will have a balance of great food and high gross sales.


We have a full-time fleet of chefs ready to whip up any of the amazing food concepts the BBC team has mastered.  What this means for you is larger commissions and greater control over highly profitable food categories.  And, BBC will customize its service style to fit the needs of your event and venue.


BBC can curate a group of local restaurants and/or chefs for your event.  Your attendees will love eating from their favorite restaurants’ booths & will appreciate the availability of a higher quality menu.  We can also create lovely high-end chef experiences that can be pre-sold to attendees.


BBC has relationships with the most in-demand, highest-grossing traveling food vendors.  Hiring experienced vendors means your food service hits the ground running.  It also means shorter lines at crunch times, higher per-caps & your attendees’ favorite vendors.


We can’t stress enough how important coffee, lemonade &ice-cream are to your bottom line.  BBC brings in premium novelty vendors to take pressure off of food lines at busy times & provide the opportunity to “impulse buy”, which will drive per-caps through the roof.  I mean, who doesn’t want a churro?!


Food trucks are the hottest things on wheels and BBC can bring them to the party.  They are perfect for smaller areas, boost social media exposure, and to spice up the mix of food vendors.  We know a ton of them…and who we don’t know, we’ll stalk for your event.


BBC aims to please with presentation and perfection when it comes to our own setups along with our outsourced food vendors. We will go to great lengths to customize, hand build, and make dreams come true for our clients. Festivals are no exception.

Become a Vendor

BBC is currently accepting food vendor applications for various event all over the country for 2016!